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Fixed Assets Audit

What are Fixed Assets? 

Fixed Assets are characterized as the resources held to be utilized to create or giving merchandise or benefits and are not held available to be purchased in the standard course of business which is relied upon to be held being used for more than one bookkeeping period 

A portion of the models are: 

  • Structures and Furniture 
  • Apparatus and Equipment 
  • PC 
  • Vehicles 

In straightforward words, the actual confirmation of the above is called Fixed Assets Audit. We at Lex N Tex give the best Fixed resources examining arrangements in Delhi and across India. 

Review Objective: 

  • To guarantee legitimate records identifying with fixed resources are being kept up. 
  • To guarantee that lone capital costs are being promoted. 
  • To approve the rightness, precision, and fulfillment of deterioration determined and consistency of Schedule VII of Companies Act, 2013. 
  • The consistence of pertinent IND AS material and of exposure necessities according to Schedule III of Companies Act,2013 
  • Archives needed from the customer: 
  • Subtleties of inner arrangements and rules with respect to fixed resources and their evaluation. 
  • Fixed resource register kept up by the customer and the highlights of fixed resources’ spending plan. 
  • Duplicates of supporting records/vouchers like buy demands demand citations, citations, similar proclamations, POs, solicitations, and so on for the examples chose. 
  • Acquire the rundown of approved individuals who can endorse the buy/removal of fixed resources at various phases of the buy or removal measures. 
  • The actual confirmation register of the fixed resources kept up by the customer. 

Interaction of Verification: 

  • Inspect the inside approaches of the customer and dissect whether they are in accordance with the legal prerequisites or not. 
  • Check whether the initial adjust being reflected in Financials and FAR are the same as the end adjusts according to a year ago evaluated Financials. 
  • Confirm the FAR for its culmination, rightness, and precision and its consistency as per the Companies Act, 2013. (CARO 2016 prerequisites) 
  • On the off chance that the resources are revalued, guarantee that the whole class of such fixed resources is revalued. 
  • Guarantee revaluation increment/decline is changed against the Revaluation Reserve/Profit and Loss Account. 
  • Lead the actual confirmation of fixed resources for guarantee the accompanying: 
  • The actual presence of the resource. 
  • Fixed resources are fittingly marked with the separate resource number for ID. 
  • Guarantee that resources are in working condition. 
  • Insights about the number of fixed Assets are satisfactorily caught in FAR. 
  • There win legitimate controls to limit unapproved admittance to fixed resources. 
  • Actual confirmation of fixed resources is done at normal stretches by the administration. 
  • Guarantee important fixed resources examining systems 


  • Guarantee consistency with interior strategies for acquisitions. 
  • Guarantee that the genuine costs caused are inside the assessed/anticipated financial plans. 
  • Check the whole interaction of acquirement/acquisition of fixed resources for the examples chose with the narrative slivers of proof accessible for such buy. 
  • The consistency of AS 10(Revised), AS 26, AS 16 and AS 12 while bookkeeping the fixed resource in books of records. 


The consistency of interior arrangements for the removal of resources. 

If there should be an occurrence of any generous piece of a fixed resource is arranged off guarantee that it doesn’t influence the going concern idea of the business. 

Guarantee that any benefit/misfortune, if emerging from such removal is accurately determined and recorded in the books. 

Deterioration on such resources arranged off is changed. 

Fixed resources that are soothed from being utilized effectively and are held available to be purchased will be recorded/noted at lower of Net Book Value and Net Realizable Value. 


  • Devaluation is the proportion of decrease in esteem, wearing out and such different misfortunes in the estimation of the depreciable fixed resource emerging from the utilization, mileage, effluxion of time, or outdated nature through innovation or market changes. 
  • Guarantee consistency of AS 10(Revised), AS 26 for ascertaining deterioration. 
  • Deterioration for acquisitions is determined on a supportive rata premise. 
  • Guarantee the consistency according to Schedule II of Companies Act, 2013 consents while computing the deterioration. 
  • On the off chance that there is any deviation from Schedule II prerequisites, the equivalent must be revealed in notes to accounts. 

Divulgence prerequisites: 

  • Guaranteeing that the fixed resources are ordered under the arrangements referenced in the Schedule III of Companies Act, 2013. 
  • According to Schedule III of Companies Act, 2013, the beneath referenced subtleties are to be unveiled with respect to fixed resources in “notes to accounts”: 
  • The gross estimation of each class of fixed resources toward the start and end of the revealing time frame. the helpful existence of the fixed resource; 
  • Aggregated devaluation of such quality till date deterioration charge during the year; 
  • Subtleties of the acquisitions and removals during the year, if any deterioration identifying with such securing/removal independently. 
  • Netblock of each class of the fixed resources toward the start and end of the detailing time frame. 
  • The technique for deterioration followed for charging devaluation and subtleties of the adjustment simultaneously if any during the year. 
  • Deviation from the Schedule II of the Companies Act, 2013 must be revealed as a piece of “notes to accounts”. 
  • If there should be an occurrence of the revaluation of the resource, points of interest of resources revalued, the measure of such revaluation will be appeared for a time of a long time from the date of revaluation via a note in financials.
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