Affordable Trust Registration Services in India

Trust registration in India

Public Trust is the most accessible way of starting a non-governmental association or NGO. A trust functions on the ideal of eradicating poverty, furnishing education to the depressed and offering medical relief piecemeal from the generalised end of promoting trades, wisdom and literature. It’s to be noted that trusts are irrevocable which means they can not be amended or terminated without the authorization of the court. Lex N Tax Associates helps in furnishing you to trust registration in delhi NCR instrument with a many documents like a deed of trust, rental agreement, etc. In India, there are no specific laws to govern the public trust, still, some countries like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have their own public trust Act.

Online Trust registration

Lex N Tax Associates helps you in furnishing with the trust registration online through veritably simple way. As an original step in registering the trust, the author of the trust or the “ Author of the Trust” or the “ Settlor of the Trust” has to figure out in a document the objects of the trust and the manner in which the trustees have to work towards achieving the pretensions of the Trust. This document that contains all similar details is called a Trust Deed, which is also called a deed of trust.

Once this is made, later, an operation for enrollment of the trust shall be moved before the Registrar of Trust along with the Trust Deed or a deed of trust. The applicable governance for enrollment of the trust is generally where the listed office of the trust is located.

Content of the Trust Deed

The trust deed is the primary and the most essential document of the trust which states the reason for forming a trust, its functions, to its working, and until its check. Following are the important clauses in the Trust Deed

  • Name of the trust
  • The listed office of the trust
  • Area of operation of the trust
  • Objects of the trust
  • Details of the Author of the Trust
  • Corpus/ Means of the Trust
  • Details of the Board of Trustees
  • Quorum of the Board with their qualification, terms and term
  • Powers and functions of the Managing Trustee and other Trustees
  • Closure and correction of the trust deed and the connection of the Act

Documents Required for Trust Registration in Delhi NCR

To get your Trust Registration Documents, you should bear the following documents during the enrollment of the Trust


  • A fully drafted trust deed
  • Evidence of listed office- ( Reimbursement Agreement or power document)
  • ID evidence of the Author of the Trust
  • Two substantiations

Constitution of the Trust

The Trust constitutes the Board of Trustees. The Board constitutes the following

  • Author/ Author/ Settlor of the trust
  • Managing trustee (s)
  • Other trustees
  • The quorum of the Board of Trustees shall not exceed a outside of 21 members.

Why register a trust?

  • As per the Public Trust Act of all countries, enrollment of Trust is obligatory if it involves charitable purpose or when there’s a transfer of irremovable property in the name of the trust.
  • Only registered trust is eligible for duty immunity handed under Section 12 A and 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Registering a trust adds further credibility to the same as it involves public plutocrat in the form of donations

Trust Compliances

A trust shall after its enrollment shall do the following Compliances

  • Gain Visage card
  • Book Keeping and Accounts
  • Periodic IT forms
  • Shops and Establishment Licence-in case of employment
  • Professional Tax Registration-if applicable
  • GST enrollment-if applicable

Applicability of tax exemption

There’s a general notion that trust need not have to pay duty as they work towards the weal of the public at large. But this isn’t true. A trust, like any other legal reality, is liable to pay duty. In order to be exempted from duty, trust is needed to gain instrument for the said immunity similar as Section 12 A and 80G etc. from the Income Duty authorities.

Why Lex N Tax is best option for trust registration IN Delhi NCR ?

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Just tell us a little bit about your business and you will have the registered trust deed in 7 working days ( subject to government blessing). It’s that simple. In addition to yours, we’ll be handling around 400 requests this month

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We make your commerce with the government as smooth as is possible by doing all the paperwork for you. We’ll also give you absolute clarity on the trust enrollment process to set realistic prospects.

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Our platoon of educated business counsels are a phone call down, should you have any queries about the trust enrollment process. But we’ll try to insure that your dubieties are cleared before they indeed arise.

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