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About Us - Lex N Tax Associates

Lex N Tax Associates was founded to assist entrepreneurs in starting and managing their businesses with ease. Our purpose is to assist small, medium, and large enterprises in meeting all of the compliance requirements imposed by Indian Laws. We are a tax consultancy firm in India that is managed, maintained, and pushed by highly skilled Team CACSAdvocates, and Influencers who have extensive experience in their respective fields. We offer a various range of tax consultant services lists like Taxation and CompliancesGoods and Service TaxInternational TaxationCompany and LLP Compliances it has utilized over the years to its clients in various industries. Among the multiple things that set us apart from our competitors are our prices, turnaround times (TAT), dedicated teams of specialists, and technologically advanced platforms for providing service to our customers. Lex N Tax Associates was established to develop a platform with a technical foundation for business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to deliver best Income Tax and GST compliance-related services.

Lex N Tax Associates was established to develop a platform with a technical foundation for business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to deliver legal and compliance-related services via the internet. When Lex N Tax Associates first began, just a few members and a few services were available. Since then, the company has reached many important milestones by adding more services to better meet customer needs. Individuals and corporations have benefited from the high-quality and individualized financial assistance Lex N Tax Associates has given. We provide Tax Consultation with a Tax Expert over a Phone as per the client’s need. We have clients all around the world. Lex N Tax Associates periodically has a group of professionals with extensive knowledge in the relevant sectors to accomplish this goal. Our sole objective is to reassure our customers that their needs, regardless of the nature of their business, will be met by our company.

Superior Quality

We believe in constructing superior service pipelines and continuously investing in the delivery of easy, quick, and error-free services. You must do so with honesty and professionalism when providing good ITR, GST, and other related services. To help our customers succeed in the long run by trying to meet their current and future needs.

Reasonable Prices

We believe in providing reasonably priced services. To make sure our clients are happy, we put a lot of emphasis on keeping our promises and will go above and beyond. To keep family and career in the balance.

Simple & Reliable

We believe in treating our consumers with honesty and integrity. We offer standard, simply understandable rates and have no extra expenses. Our employees and the people we help should be respected as professionals and individuals to create trust and commitment among the firm’s employees, partners, and customers.

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